SHP Exclusive (A) (minimum 20 persons)

40-45 Days

AC Bus

Regular D Category

13-18 May to 22-27 June

Package Price (BDT):

Shared (4)- 11350003 Pax/Room – 13350002 Pax/Room- 1695000


This package is designed for you if you are part of a larger group of pilgrims, offering exclusive amenities and Hajj service. Pilgrims traveling in the Hajj group will benefit from VIP 5 star accommodations, VIP tents in Mina and Arafat, and VIP Moallem services, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable experience throughout their journey.

Package Details:
If you choose this Hajj package, you’ll be part of a Hajj group at Makkah Madinah consisting of a minimum of 20 persons
Your journey will span approximately 40 to 45 days
Travel dates will be from 13th to 18th May and 22nd to 27th June
The route will take you from Dhaka to Jeddah, then to Makkah, followed by Madinah, and finally back to Jeddah before returning to Dhaka.
During the trip, you’ll travel by economy class air ticket with Saudia, Biman, or Flynas.
Ground transportation will be provided via AC bus.
Accommodation arrangements include staying in 4 to VIP 5 star hotels in Makkah and Madinah, with standard apartment buildings in Azizia. In Mina and Arafah, you’ll reside in regular D Category tents equipped with ACs or air coolers.
Our team comprises seasoned religious scholars with years of experience, including Dr. Mohammad Monzur E Elahi and Dr. Rafiqul Islam Madani, who will provide you with extensive Hajj trainings on Shariah and practical matters.
Meals will be served to you three times a day by Desi Catering Company in Makkah and Madinah, with Saudi Muallem meals during Hajj days.
Exclusions from the package are Qurbani Costs (750SAR), additional Ziyarah trips, and private hajj transport service for airport transfers.
The itinerary includes you performing Umrah in Makkah, and staying at a VIP 5 star hotel, followed by rituals in Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah. You’ll then proceed to Madinah to visit the Prophet’s Mosque and stay at another VIP 5 star hotel before returning to Dhaka.


3 times meal by Desi Catering Company in Makkah & Madinah.
Saudi Muallem meals during Hajj Days.


Economy Class ticket from Saudia/Biman/Flynas


Visiting Historical sites in Makkah & Madinah

Shariah Consultant

Dr. Mohammad Monzur E Elahi

Dr Rafiqul Islam Madani

Hajj Trainning

Extensive Hajj Trainings on Shariah & Practical Issues
  • Qurbani Costs (750SAR)
  • Extra return ticket for Short Package Hajis
  • Additional trips to Taif, Jeddah, Badar, Museums
  • Pvt Transport for Airport Transfers
  • Any items/services not mentioned in the Package
  • 13-18 May (5-10 Dhul Qadah) – Departure from Dhaka
  • From 13-18 May (5-10 Dhul Qadah) till 1-2 June (24-25 Dhul Qadah) – Spend days in Makkah
  • 1-2 June (24-25 Dhul Qadah) – Travel to Madinah
  • From 1-2 June (24-25 Dhul Qadah) till 9-11 June (2-4 Dhul Hijjah) – Spend days in Madinah
  • 9-11 June (2-4 Dhul Hijjah) – Travel to Makkah (Aziziyah)
  • From 9-11 June (2-4 Dhul Hijjah) till 14 June (7 Dhul Hijjah) – Spend days in Makkah (Aziziyah)
  • 15 June (8 Dhul Hijjah) – Move to Mina
  • 16 June (9 Dhul HIjjah) – Move to Arafah
  • 16 June (9 Dhul HIjjah) – Move to Muzdalifah after Sunset
  • 17 June (10 Dhul HIjjah) – Move to Mina after Fajr
  • From 17 June (10 Dhul Hijjah) till 19/20 June (12/13 Dhul Hijjah) – Perform Hajj Rituals from Mina
  • 19/20 June (12/13 Dhul HIjjah) – Move to Makkah (Aziziyah)
  • From 19/20 June (12/13 Dhul Hijjah) till 22-27 June (15-20 Dhul Hijjah) – Spend days in Makkah (Aziziyah)
  • 22-27 June (15-20 Dhul Hijjah) – Return to Bangladesh

1. Package prices are tentative and may change as per Saudi and BD Govt Hajj Policies.

2. Package prices are based on Saudi Riyal exchange rates and may vary as per changes in Saudi Riyal rates

3. Packages features will be finalized gradually based on availability, budget and our clients feedbacks and opinions, inshaAllah.

4. Clients will be informed incase any changes occur in package features, inshaAllah.

5. Hajj flights can be by Saudi Airlines, Bangladesh Biman , Flynas Airlines or any other BD Govt assigned airlines for hajj flight.

6. All packages include regular tents in Mina & Arafah, category D, and for any upgrade (if available) additional cost will be applied.

7. Qurbani fee is not considered in these packages. Qurbani coupon can be purchased @ SR 750 and we will help in this regard.

8. Distances are measured from Masjid Courtyard to the hotel building point to point straight distance.

9. Short Package Hajis need to purchase return ticket and it is not included in the package price.

10. Ziyarah (visiting historical sites) in Makkah and Madinah are included in all packages except F & G. However, special arrangements for F & G can be arranged.

11. Additional trips like Taif, Jeddah, Badar, Museums etc can be arranged with additional costs per person whoever wants to visit those places.

12. All short packages include airport transfer by bus for return flight, private transport for airport transfers can be arranged with additional cost.

13. Flight Allocations are entirely upon the airlines, hajis with same package duration may get split into multiple flights.

14. For SHP Standard package (D), 0* means non star govt approved regular hotels.

15. For packages (C-G) 2-3 persons per room sharing is conditional and is based on room availability and room allocation by Hotel authority.

16. Further Conditions will apply as per Pre-Registration Forms, Registration Forms and Final Service Contract.

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