cost of hajj from bangladesh

Cost of Hajj from Bangladesh

Going on the special journey of Hajj is a big deal, and picking the right package is super important for people from Bangladesh. Whether you’re thinking about a Shifting Hajj Package or a Non-Shifting Hajj Package, knowing the details, cost of hajj from Bangladesh and what you need is key for a smooth and spiritually meaningful experience.

Cost of Hajj from Bangladesh: A Breakdown

Knowing the costs of Hajj is important when you’re getting ready for this special journey. Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency are here to help by breaking down the expenses for each package. 

Government-Set Costs: 

Costs of the Saudi Arabian Phase


Rent: 4000 + (1%) 40 = 4040 Saudi Riyals

VAT (17.50%): 707 Saudi Riyals

Total Makkah Rent: 4040 + 707 = 4747.00 Saudi Riyals


Rent: 800 + (1%) 8 = 808 Saudi Riyals

VAT (17.50%): 141.4 Saudi Riyals

Total Madinah Rent: 808 + 141.4 = 949.40 Saudi Riyals

The overall cost of renting a house or hotel in Makkah and Madinah is 5696.40 Saudi Riyals. To put it in perspective, when converted, this equals approximately 169,410.94 Bangladeshi Taka.

Transportation Cost:

For Jeddah-Makkah-Madinah and Al-Mashair (Makkah-Mina-Arafah-Muzdalifah), the cost is 1238.55 Saudi Riyals, equivalent to 36834.48 Bangladeshi Taka.

Zamzam Water Cost:

The cost for Zamzam water is 15.00 Saudi Riyals, which amounts to 446.10 Bangladeshi Taka.

Service Charge:

The service charge for accommodation in a tent, food, etc., provided by Muallem in Mina, Arafah, and Muzdalifah for 5 days of Holy Hajj is 2093.85 Saudi Riyals, equal to 62271.10 Bangladeshi Taka.

In Total, the Payable Expenses Amount to 36834.48 Bangladeshi Taka for Transportation, 446.10 Bangladeshi Taka for Zamzam Water, and 62271.10 Bangladeshi Taka for Service Charges.

Exploring Additional Charges

It’s essential to consider various additional charges that contribute to your overall expenses. Here’s a breakdown of these charges:

(i) Visa Fee: 300 Saudi Riyals

(ii) Health Insurance Fee payable to Saudi Government: 28.75 Saudi Riyals

(iii) Electronics Service Fee: 59.80 Saudi Riyals

(iv) Ground Service Fee: 983.25 Saudi Riyals

(v) Camp Fee: 784.00 Saudi Riyals

In Total, These Additional Charges Sum Up to 64113.49 Bangladeshi Taka.

Baggage Transport and Return Transportation

Moving Your Bags from Jeddah/Madinah Airport to Makkah/Madinah Hotel (Makkah Road Service):

The cost, including 15% VAT, is 20.70 Saudi Riyals. That’s around 615.62 Bangladeshi Taka.

Getting Back from Makkah/Madinah Hotel to Jeddah/Madinah Airport (After Hajj):

For this ride, the cost, with 15% VAT included, is 30.00 Saudi Riyals. In Bangladeshi Taka, it’s about 892.20.

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Costs of Bangladeshi Phase

Airfare: Bangladesh-Saudi Arabia-Bangladesh

1. Basic rent: 1,79,739.00 Bangladeshi Taka

2. Agent commission: 2,875.00 Bangladeshi Taka

3. Tax: 12,186.00 Bangladeshi Taka

In Total, This Airfare Adds Up to 194,800.00 Bangladeshi Taka

Additional Expenses

1. ID card, luggage tag, and IT service, etc.: 800.00 Tk

2. Pilgrims Welfare Fund (Emergency Fund): Tk. 200.00

3. Training Fee: 400.00 Tk

4. Food cost: 35,000.00 Tk

5. Hajj Guide: 13,053.73 Tk

Subtotal for the Bangladesh Phase Expenditure: Tk 244,059.73

Now, considering both the Bangladesh and Saudi phases, the total amounts to 578,837.66 Taka or simply put, 5,78,840.00 Taka.

Private Agency Pricing:

It’s important to remember that the prices mentioned above are set by the government, and what private agencies charge might be different. Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency are committed to making things affordable. They want pilgrims to have choices that match their budget

Where You Stay:

The choice between a hotel and Azizia House impacts the overall cost. Hotels, especially those with higher star ratings, generally come with a higher price tag.

How Close You Are:

Near or Far from Holy Sites: Being super close to Haram Sharif or Kaaba Sharif can bump up the cost. If you’re about 300 meters away, you might get a more budget-friendly option.

Roommates Matter:

Sharing or Going Solo: The number of people you share a room with affects the cost. Going for a room with 3-5 folks can save you some cash compared to having just two.

Size of Your Space:

Big or Small Room: 

A larger room might mean a higher bill compared to a smaller one.

How You Eat:

Different kinds of food menus are gonna cost you differently, check and see what kind of food menu your budget can afford.

Extra Perks:

Special Services: Any additional services bundled with your package can also play a part in how much you pay. All these things add up to your final cost.

Depending on many variables above, pricing for each package is gonna be different so let’s look at the package pricing (Per person):

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Economy Hajj Package – 2024 (Permanent)

  • 4-6 Person Room is gonna cost you around 6,30,000Tk to 6,60,000Tk
  • 3 Person Room is going to be somewhere around 690,000Tk to 720,000Tk
  • 2 Person Room has a pricing of 795,000/= to 825,000/=
Perks of Economy Hajj Package – 2024 (Permanent )

Mecca Hotel: No hotel is right by the Mecca Masjid.

Azizia Apartment/House: Located 5-8 kilometers from the outer square boundary of Masjid al-Haram, and 2-3 kilometers from Mina and Jamara. You’ll stay here for 12-16 days, including 5 days for Hajj.

Madinah House: Situated between 1000-1500 meters from the boundary of the outer square of Masjid An Nababi. It’s a 15-25 minute walk, and there will be 4-6 pilgrims in one room. The location includes areas like Belal Mosque, As-Salam Road, Bab Al Tammar, and Bengali Market.

Travel: You’ll share buses managed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry. These buses are part of your journey during Hajj days, covering routes like Makkah/Azizia-Mina, Mina-Arafa, and Arafa-Muzdalifah. Keep in mind that travel from Muzdalifah to Mina/Jamarah or Makkah/Azizia may involve walking.

Food: A catering company provides three meals a day with local dishes. Breakfast includes items like Roti, paratha, dal, egg, bhaji, and halwa. For lunch and dinner, expect white rice, bharta/bhaji/vegetables, fish/meat, and pulses. It’s important to note that the food is standard and not customizable.

Mina-Arafa: You’ll stay in Minar and Arafa tents allotted by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Moallem takes care of food and transportation during this period.

Hajj Guide: A guide accompanies you throughout the Hajj journey, offering group-based guidance for Umrah or Hajj rituals.

Ziarah (Sightseeing): Plans are in place for visits to major historical sites in Makkah and Madinah. If you wish to perform additional pilgrimages in places like Jeddah, Taif, or elsewhere, that’s something you’ll manage independently.

Standard Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah)

  • 4-6 Person Room is gonna cost you around 7,10,000Tk to 7,40,000Tk
  • 3 Person Room is going to be somewhere around 7,65,000Tk to 7,95,000Tk
  • 2 Person Room has a pricing of 7,45,000Tk to 8,85,000Tk
Perks of Standard Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah)

Makkah Hotel: A short walk, 10-15 minutes, from Masjid al-Haram. 4-6 pilgrims share a room in areas like Misfalah, Jarwal, Taisir, Ghazza, and Aziad.

Azizia Apartment/House: 5-8 km from Masjid al-Haram, close to Mina/Jamara. Stay for 12-16 days, including 5 days of Hajj.

Madinah House: A brief 10-15 minutes’ walk (600-900 meters) from Masjid An Nababi. 4-6 pilgrims per room in locations like Belal Mosque, As-Salam Road, Bab Al Tammar, or Bengali Market area.

Travel: Shared buses managed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry. The main routes include Makkah/Azizia-Mina, Mina-Arafa, and Arafa-Muzdalifah. Note: Short walks mainly from Muzdalifah.

Food Management: Three daily meals with standard local fare. Meals are fixed and not customizable.

Mina-Arafa: Stay in tents provided by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj. Food and transport are managed by Moallem.

Hajj Guide: A group-based guide to assist with Umrah and Hajj rituals.

Ziarah (Sightseeing): Visits to major historical sites in Makkah and Madinah. Any extra pilgrimages in Jeddah, Taif, etc., are the pilgrim’s responsibility.

Delux Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah)

  • 4-6 Person Room is gonna cost you around 7,75,000Tk to 8,25,000Tk
  • 3 Person Room is going to be somewhere around 8,50,000Tk to 8,90,000Tk
  • 2 Person Room has a pricing of 7,45,000Tk to 8,85,000Tk
Perks of Delux Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah)

Makkah Stay: A short 5-10 minute walk to Masjid al-Haram, accommodating 4-6 pilgrims in each room. Choose from various areas like Misfalah, Jarwal, Taysir, Gazza, and Aziad.

Azizia’s Apartment/House: Stay within 4-8 km of Masjid al-Haram, also close to Mina/Jamara. Enjoy a 12-16 day stay, including 5 days of Hajj.

Madinah Accommodation: A brief 5-10 minute walk (200-300 meters) from Masjid An-Nabbi. Rooms for 4-6 pilgrims. Location: Markaziya area.

Transportation: Utilize shared buses managed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry and Moallem during Hajj days. Routes include Makkah/Azizia-Mina, Mina-Arafa, Arafa-Muzdalifa. Note: Muzdalifah to Mina/Jamarah or Makkah/Azizia involves mainly walking.

Food Arrangements: Enjoy three daily meals with a fixed menu of standard local fare.

Mina-Arafa Experience: Stay in tents allocated by the Saudi Hajj Ministry, with Moallem managing food and transportation. Moallem is responsible for the main management of Mina-Arafa-Muzdalifah.

Hajj Guide: Benefit from a group-based guide for Umrah and Hajj.

Ziyarah (Sightseeing): Explore major historical sites in Makkah and Madinah. Additional pilgrimages (Jeddah, Taif, etc.) are at the pilgrim’s discretion.

Classic Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah)

  • 4-6 Person Room is gonna cost you around 8,95,000Tk to 9,50,000Tk
  • 3 Person Room is going to be somewhere around 9,95,000Tk to 10,50,000Tk
  • 2 Person Room has a pricing of 11,95,000Tk to 12,50,000Tk
Perks of Classic Hajj Package – 2024 (Fitrah

Makkah Hotels: 4/5-star, 0-300m from Masjid al-Haram. Walking: 0-5 min. 4-5 pilgrims per room.

Azizia’s Stay: 4-8 km from Masjid al-Haram, 2-3 km from Mina/Jamara. 12-16 days, incl. 5 days of Hajj.

Madinah Hotels: 200-350m from Masjid An-Nabbi, Markaziya area. Walking: 5-10 min. 4-5 pilgrims per room.

Transportation: Shared bus managed by the Saudi Hajj Ministry. Route: Makkah/Azizia-Mina, Mina-Arafa, Arafa-Muzdalifa. Note: Muzdalifah to Mina/Jamarah or Makkah/Azizia mainly on foot.

Food Arrangements: Three meals provided by catering company. Fixed menu. Note: Personal taste preferences are not accommodated.

Mina-Arafa: Tents provided by the Saudi Hajj Ministry. Moallem manages food and transportation in this area.

Hajj Guide: Group-based guides provided for Umrah and Hajj.

Ziyarah (Sightseeing):  Take a trip to historical places in Makkah and Madinah. You can also explore other places like Jeddah or Taif if you want.

The cost for each person’s package can vary based on factors like hotel rates, the duration of the package, and other considerations

Additional Services: The agency takes on a supportive role, helping with special needs like delivering food to hajj pilgrims’ rooms and providing medical assistance. They offer daily Hajj training, essential books, video tutorials, and advice both online and offline in Bangladesh.

Hajj Agreement: Pilgrims will sign an agreement based on the provided information, with the outlined terms considered as essential conditions of the agreement.

Special Note for Consideration: 

1. Government-Related Costs: Any increase in costs in any sector by the Royal Saudi Government after the announcement of the package will be considered as part of the package price, payable by the Hajj.

2. Refund for Food Expenses: Tk 35,000.00 received for food will be refunded to the pilgrim from the Hajj Office, Ashkona, Dhaka, during the Hajj.

3. Personal Responsibility for Food in Saudi Arabia: Hajj pilgrims need to take food at their own risk while in Saudi Arabia.

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Requirements for Hajj

If you want to go on the special journey of Hajj, there are certain things you need to do. Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency make these things simple to understand. They help you determine if you meet the requirements and prepare for this important experience. Read more about – hajj pre registration requirements

Essential Documentation

Check if you have all the needed documents like a valid passport, visa, and proof that you’re eligible for Hajj. 

Health Requirements

It is important to make sure you meet any health requirements set by Saudi authorities. This might involve getting vaccinations and health screenings to make sure everyone stays healthy during the pilgrimage.

Government Policies Regarding Hajj Expenses

Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency keep up with the rules the government has about how much Hajj costs. You can trust that the agency follows all these rules, so you can rely on them to give you a trustworthy and legal service.

Common Challenges Faced by Pilgrims in Terms of Expenses

Knowing that pilgrims might have difficulty with money, Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency try to solve common problems before they happen. The agency is open about everything, so pilgrims can decide wisely and worry less about money issues.

Tips for Saving on Hajj Expenses

Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency understand that planning your money for a big trip is crucial. They share really useful tips on how you can save money during Hajj, so pilgrims can focus on the spiritual experience without stressing too much about their finances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many days are required for Hajj?

How long Hajj takes depends on the package you pick. Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency give choices from 35 to 45 days. This lets pilgrims choose a time that works for their schedule and how devoted they are.

Are airport transfers included in the Hajj package? If not, how much will a taxi cost from the airport?

Usually, when you get a package from Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency, they already include rides from the airport. If you have specific questions, you can simply ask them directly for all the details. If you choose to plan things on your own, the cost of a taxi from the airport might vary, and the agency can assist you in figuring it out.

Are payments of my Hajj package accepted on an installment basis?

Absolutely! Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency know that money can be a concern for pilgrims. They let you pay in smaller amounts over time, making it easier for people to manage the cost of their Hajj journey.

I still need help and assistance in personalizing my Hajj package. Is it possible?

Certainly! Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency focus on making packages that suit each person’s needs. If you need help, just ask, and the agency’s team will help you figure things out.

I cannot afford to pay the full Hajj package’s cost. Can we defer the cost?

Knowing that pilgrims might have money challenges, Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency give choices to delay the cost. If you talk to the agency about your situation, they can make plans that work for you and make your pilgrimage possible.

Can we perform Umrah with Hajj?

Yes, Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency have packages that include both Umrah and Hajj. Pilgrims get to do both spiritual rituals in one trip, making their pilgrimage even more special.

Can I perform Qurbani on my own in Hajj?

Even though the packages don’t include Qurbani (Hadi), pilgrims can choose to do it themselves. Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency suggest bringing 1000 Saudi Riyals for Qurbani.

To sum up, Shepherds Umrah and Hajj Agency focus on making things simple, clear, and affordable. As you start this special journey, the agency is committed to giving you a spiritually fulfilling experience. They want your Hajj pilgrimage to be both memorable and meaningful.

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