Hajj Visa Requirement

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  • Following is the list of documents required for Hajj visa processing.
    • The original passport must be valid for six months from the date of travel and 4 blank pages for visa stamping.
    • Hajj visa application completed and signed. [Download Visa Application].
    • 4 recent passport size photographs with white background only.
    • Original green card for non-US citizens.
    • Copy of birth certificate for children.
    • Copy of the marriage certificate for couples.
    • Copy of the meningitis certificate, (ACYW135 vaccine).
    • A woman traveling alone must be 45 years old and must obtain a letter of authorization (notarized) from her Mehram. [Download Mehram Letter].
    • Pilgrims with non-Islamic names must have a certificate or letter from the Islamic Center to prove their conversion to Islam.
    • Please sign the terms and conditions page after reading it carefully [Disclaimer]
    • All documents must be FedEx with the return envelope.

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