Hajj pre-registration requirments

For Hajj pre-registration please provide us the following for each person.
  1. Scanned copy of NID (both sides).
  2. Full contact details. (Present & Permanent Address with Police Station & Post Office).
  3. 30,752 taka/person govt. pre-registration fee (price included in the package).
  4. Mobile Number.
  5. Profession.
  6. Marital Status.
  7. Spouse’s Name (If Married).
  8. Scanned copy of Govt. Birth Certificate (only for any child below 18yrs and Non resident Bangladeshi).
  9. Scanned copy of Passport Size with white background (only for any child below 18yrs and Non Resident Bangladeshi).
  10. Viber/Whatsapp Number (if any).
  11. Email (if any).
  12. Copy of Bangladeshi Passport (For Non resident Bangladeshis)
  13. Copy of Foreign Visa (For Non resident Bangladeshis).

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